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Kandy oozes something that no other girl has, something raw and pure at the same time. She’s purely sexual and not afraid to let her visitors know that. From all the chicks who are online this one is the girl with whom you’ll get the most out of webcam chat experience. Her willingness to please and to get dirty is unparalleled to other chicks and her smoking hot body will surely give you insane orgasms during your showtime with Kandy. Only if you’re brave enough to chat with her while watching streaming webcam show and invite her for real mind blowing cam sex. The most unique feature of Kandy is definitely her crazy hair color and craziness in private as she is the girl who loves to surprise her live sex partner.

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Almost every shade of orange on her head gently cascading down to her petite shoulders. Now, this girl is extremely easy to please as she likes dominant men willing to do all kinds of dirty stuff to her steamy hot body. She loves the way the dominant power feels on her skin and she can make you go wild with lust just upon looking at her for the first time.

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For all the domino gentlemen out there this one broad is completely unavoidable a must see for steamy hot chat sessions. Her petite skinny body is something a lot of men find unattractive but Kandy is pulling it off in a mind-blowing way and actually making it work pretty well. She is a rare combination of sluty chicks and a nice girl craving fun. So make sure to check her out because she’s new in the world of magical webcam chat and can also blow your mind with her sexual appetite. But once you get in private webcam chat with her you’ll see how much this girl is lusting for fun with complete strangers, and is not afraid to do everything you can imagine, so feel free to ask her to do everything you like. Especially if you need something a little kinkier than usual, her bright mind can surely put a spark in your member by doing something you like in a completely different way. All in all, this girls is amazing, she moves like a total slut but with the personality of a nice next door chick looking for fun. You’ll definitely enjoy her company and wanting more, and you’ll always come back to her and her insane energy she’s emitting.

Keep eye contact while you are in cam2cam chat

Many can be surprised, having read it, after all they expected to read the specific phrases which are clearly demonstrating how to flirt with the girl. But reality such is that the main part of communication makes language of your body and, in particular, the correct contact of eyes, and only less than 30% remain that you speak and as you speak. I.e. specific speech technicians mean less, than you think. Flirtation success depends from girl’s attention to the behavior when you communicate with the girl who is pleasant to you. Most likely, you are influenced by the inexplicable force which forces you to look down or to look away. You, as if hesitate of this girl. And, as result, you kill flirtation on a root. In too time when you do not lower the look, you show willingness to flirt with her online.

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It is also important to flirt correctly by looking at her while you are in her webcam chat room. As one of the live cam flirt techniques – try that confident look and you would not be similar and look too official – that look when we look only in the face to the interlocutor and anywhere more. Turn it in sexual from first minutes of communication! It means that you have a right approvingly to look at any part of a body of the girl – from head to foot. As though it was before you naked. Someone from girls can even uncomfortably feel at such moments, but for this purpose you have to create playful style of communication by other ways of flirtation, we will cover that in our future posts.

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I was exposed to the porn world at a very young age of 14. The reason for that is that I always surrounded myself with the older crowd, as I was really mature for my age. And my body followed my mind as I was fully developed and looking hot, not bragging, at the age of 16. So naturally, I was always drawn to the more serious sexual experiences and soon figured that I have a somewhat insatiable sexual desire. That proved to be a problem as I was still in high school where that type of trait is not exactly desirable. But after a while, I found a perfect outlet for the excess of my sexual potential. I did some modeling but I always knew I will end up doing some kind of porn, and the perfect balance between the two I found in the camgirl platform.

Me In Sexy Jeans


I love the camera and the camera really loves me. There is a special feeling I get when I step in front of an objective and I cannot really describe it and often, then I feel super sexy I decide to record my show for future generations, as I say, I’m not the only girl who records herself on cam because there are plenty of us in videos as that helps us to get more popular online. No matter how unfocused or distracted I am, as soon as that camera starts rolling, I am on point. It’s the clarity with which I perceive things when doing a show or shooting a video that is the ultimate turn on for me. I get a great boost of endorphins when all the attention is focused on and that when I get creative. At first, I was doing the simple stuff on my live shows but it didn’t take me long to expand my sexual repertoire and get passionate about the things I do. The feedback I get from my followers is what fuels my desire to improve my shows further, and when the participant tells me he had a great time, I am feeling happy about the work I’ve put into it. I know it sounds like a cliche, but after a good show, the satisfaction is mutual.


I love the work I do and it gives me the freedom to express my sexuality in the most intimate, yet completely anonymous way and the amount of experience I got from doing it is amazing. I feel like as I found a perfect way to satisfy all my sexual desires, helping my participants satisfy theirs, while not being tied down by social norms and everything that comes with them. Sexual freedom is what it all about and this is the best mechanism to achieve it. If you don’t believe that I do get the pleasure of doing what I do, come join me in the private session and if you feel let down by the flair and panache with which I do things, I would like you to let me know! I am yet to meet a follower that was unhappy with the performance I gave and am really proud by my ratings.

About web models job from top cam girl

All truth about work a web model

I am Alice, I’m a cam girl, I am 24 years old. In spite of the fact that many it is prejudiced and with condemnation treat such work, I consider that anything reprehensible in it is absolutely not present. Cam girls work is very similar to work of the ordinary psychologist. We also help men to resolve their psychological problems connected with intimate life to understand their erotic imaginations and desires. After all, as a rule, something in life is not enough for all of them. Often only a human interaction with the girl. What in it can be reprehensible?

I do not know why, but this profession is liked to be presented from the bad party, comparing nearly to work of the ordinary prostitute deprived of elementary brains and capable only to undress for money. I will tell at once is a myth. Personally I have the higher education and in general, I since the childhood and take to this day dancing classes, as well as learning of foreign languages the Reason for which I am quite banal here – any other work will not bring in me such income, even on the favorite specialty. To construct the career, it is necessary to be humiliated before the administration that I do not like to do simply. And working as adult cam model, at my order there was a heap of free time which I with pleasure spend on the child, and also on rest in resorts. And this with the fact that I will never begin to act for money in a porno or it is simple to sleep with someone. But reality such is that our society, alas, is not ready to it because any model, as well as the girl dancing in club, is equated to the most real prostitute that cannot be told about foreign countries to which I want to get over more and more. There such prejudices in general are not present.


It is necessary to tell that it is rather enviable work, and girls who are seduced by easy money very much and much. In general, we not especially extend about pluses which are available for us, and here we share minuses of work willingly. Unfortunately, too there is a lot of “lovers” on live sex chat rooms, bought the cheap chambers and easily ready to bare the body, without hesitation, and without having told words. Naive girls if they think that is quite enough of it. Nevertheless, contrary to the occurring opinion, our profession demands existence and brains, and actor’s abilities besides seductive appearance. Big convenience of work as camgirl is that there is an opportunity to work at home. But it is possible and at studio. And there is it thus: everything begins with free communication in a free chat and if the client wishes something bigger, then already it agrees about “private” then communication passes into a personal chat. Here directly also there is a charge of a salary where a main goal – longer to hold the client. Then respectively and payment will be higher. But there is more to come. It is very important to leave the client happy, then there will be every chance that he will want to come here more and more. Concerning earnings, it is possible to tell that it comes out different. Someone for change earns around 200 – 400 dollars, and it without leaving the house. The Ukrainian agencies usually pay from 1000 euros, means in a month. Though, of course, a lot of things depend on the model, how it is able to work with clients. At the best deal the talented girl with pleasant appearance who managed to fill to herself clients can really earn 5000 dollars in a month. Personally I, for example, for last change earned 180 dollars, having worked from 11.30 till 14.00. However, happens and so that any private does not leave, so and any dollar.

About clients – horny guy wanting webcam sex

Conditionally they can be divided into two types: males and singles. Desires of males are simplest to be satisfied since they willingly will tell you about everything moreover in all details, i.e. with them usually everything is clear. And here with the second type everything is much more difficult. But it is the most profitable type! As a rule, such clients have very unusual and peculiar imaginations which in real life to them it is simple there is nobody to discuss even in spite of the fact that on their finger the wedding ring is put on. Therefore, they look for not simply communication, but also understanding which can occur if only to enter with them full contact. If it is possible to make it, the effect will be enormous. Games with singles can last long very much, so and earnings will drip more and more. The main thing to manage to understand all his dreams and it is fine to play a role so that he believed you, and all – from this point he “yours regular member who comes back for more” that means constant private sex shows and the constant high income. Also there is a wish to note such category of men which simply a reluctance to go for girls to club. For them where it is simpler to sit down at a computer, to visit any website and to be played for the night with any model, the benefit, in the mode all “online” is possible. In other words, here the client can realize any even the most courageous imagination, kotoru.yu he for anything did not realize in real life, i.e. a full freedom and detachment from all the everyday problems. Very often clients are given to romanticism and really fall in love with further attempt to find a real meeting. Here it is very important to put it into place, having tactfully explained that it only game and about love out of the question. However, it does not prevent them to send us gifts and flowers since for them the model is simply ideal, after all it so understands it and foresees his desires, as nobody else.

seducing web-girl

About difficulties

As well as in any other profession, we too have subtleties and nuances. And everything is far not so simple how it seems sometimes at first sight (and what difficult here? Take yes undress, communicating in a chat). If the girl, working on live cam, it intends to achieve something, first of all, she has to be well-groomed. Respectively, many means leave on visit of beauty shops and it is simple on cosmetics. Especially as modern chambers are capable to transfer the picture in very high quality, and it means that all nuances, including, and defects will be visible. And it cannot be allowed therefore it is necessary to look after himself very carefully. The forehead, for example, should not shine, as well as a nose for what are available tinting a pencil, cream and powder. In addition, the constant epilation, obligatory care of feet is necessary to comply the foot fetish going crazy from female legs and making a good few of our clients. Concerning suits in general separate conversation.

How professionals do? They usually choose for themselves someone most suitable image for the appearance. It can be an image of the lady – vamp, nurses, sportswomen or simply housewives. Depending on the made decision, all the rest is selected already: makeup, hair-dress and dress. I.e., as you can see, the girl has to have still a good taste and skills of the stylist. The interior is also important. If the girl sits on the smashed bed over which the carpet hangs, except feeling of pity any other feelings, especially, it will not cause desire. In this regard, “workplace” has to be thought over and is issued with taste.

A little about happiness

Sincerely and without any constraint I can tell that I am happy. Moreover, I dreamed of such career all my life. Unless it not the fairy tale: holiday at any time, absolutely free schedule and any reporting to the boss! Unlike the working friends, I have no such problems. I am own master, I do not need to go every day to work, and my daughter does not need to go to a children garden every day. So I love what I do and I have no doubts about my decision.

Being a cam girl is hard

You can thing that cam girls are earning thousands of dollars just by sitting in front of cam, well I have news for you folks, that is not true!

cam girl job

Let’s start that there is a huge competition and you must look good to attract a lot of viewers to chat room. Of course you girls have to be in a good attitude and always move, by saying that I mean that they always have to tease guys by getting naked and bringing their sex toys in to the play and other things they do to reach the top of the mountain, because there are plenty of girls who just sit in front of cam and masturbate but that is just boring and then we compared what most popular cam girls are doing and what is the difference from all the rest is that: they are working hard to get attention, they are having make up done in the best possible way, they prepare for the show by dressing nice and of course they take care of themselves, that may be in their personality but most of the time, if a girl is looking seriously to her modelling career she is putting effort in it because only top best models are getting guys who are willing to go private with them.

Communication skills is another important part of that, the world is not ideal and there is a plenty of jerks who are rude and disrespectful to the models and that is why girls have to learn to bring them down and make them their allies, of course most of the guys are nice and they just want to see the girl naked because she worked hard to make them horny and wanting to fuck her.

cam girl in chat room

Most of the guys thing that if the model is hot – that is enough. That is another myth, to climb the top ratings of sex cam models is a hard thing to do and the ones who are there are saying like one: they had to work hard to get there, every show is unique and they are preparing with new ideas days before they go online again, they make plans of role plays and how they will dress, in what kind of poses she will show up in chat room.

This is just a small piece of information how hard being a cam girl really is. We would love to hear stories from current models, please use contact us form and send us your contact details and we will gladly interview you and share with our readers.